Let’s be honest

About us

We are guys who fell into the tech industry and wanted to be coaching baseball. So, we did. Then we thought, “could we help coaches and players who don’t work with us every day?”

Ryan Jordan despises sitting behind a desk. In fact, he doesn’t even want to stand behind one. Ryan is what we in the biz like to call “a people person.” Having grown up in the outdoors of Bend, Oregon, Ryan went on to play college baseball at Lane Community College and Laverne University. Post graduation, Ryan coached with various youth programs, owned his own training facility (called Elevate) with his wife, Crista, and worked as a financial advisor.

Nick Lockwood can sit behind a desk, a bar, or anything really and still look good. One of those crazy talents that comes with being a mediocre minor league baseball player. Nick grew up in Tampa, Florida and signed with the Minnesota Twins in the 2009 draft. After four years of bus riding, Nick packed it up and moved to Bend, Oregon to complete his degree. After graduating, he worked for a digital marketing company and coached baseball with the Irish national team.

These days, you can find either of the two slamming coffee and attempting to get Elevate work done. What usually starts with great intentions typically turns into a discussion about something that occurred in the world of baseball, good or bad.