Let’s leave the game better than we found it.

With a focus on creating the most simple and professional baseball training information, Elevate is answering the question of, “Where can I go to get better?”


Humble Beginnings 

Elevate started as a mom-and-pop training facility in Bend, Oregon. Founders Ryan and Crista Jordan were looking for a way to make an impact on youth athletes around the Central Oregon community through advanced, and more importantly, safe training regiments. 

Following several successful facilities, and helping over a hundred local athletes reach the college level, including five reach the professional level, Elevate was beginning to think bigger. How can we positively impact athletes who don’t have access to sports information? 

Elevate Today

With a goal of developing the core skills of a baseball player, Elevate will take players on a journey from the most basic of skills to advanced drills.

Founder Ryan Jordan and Co-Founder Nick Lockwood are firm believers that baseball is in large part a gray area when it comes to how things are done. Expect information to be given, but in no world should a player assume it is the only way something can be done. 

Elevate believes that access to applicable sports information is a right, not a privilege.